New Hall Properties

Promote Your Land

If you have land on the edge of an existing village or town that you think might have potential for residential development we would be delighted to hear from you.

Promotion Agreement

If your land has planning potential, we will make an offer to enter into a promotion agreement with you, setting out how we will partner with you to obtain planning permission and sell your land. We pay the costs associated with achieving planning permission and you pay nothing until we gain permission, at which point we will take a share of the land sale proceeds.

Maximising the value of your land

It is in our interests to optimise the value of your land in the most efficient and effective manner as we, like you, only get paid at the end of the sales process.

In this regard we spend a considerable amount of time considering and agreeing the viability of a scheme with the local planning authority so that planning gain and affordable housing is set at a level that ensures the site is deliverable and that the landowner receives a competitive return for their land.

Planning Process

Once we have entered into a promotion agreement, we typically submit a planning application within 6-8 months, although this time frame may vary depending on the complexity of the site.

Before we submit a planning application on your land, we will produce a range of technical reports with the help of our specialist consultants to support the application. Prior to the planning application being submitted we provide you with a copy of the final submission for approval.

Appeal Process

We always try to achieve a negotiated planning permission with the local planning authority, however this is not always possible. If the application is refused permission we would then normally submit an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

The appeal will usually take the form of an inquiry or an informal hearing. Our professional team includes expert witnesses and a barrister. They produce and present detailed evidence in order to provide the best possible chance of achieving sucess. We have had a number of successful appeals details of which can be found in our case studies.


Once we've achieved planning permission on your land, we agree with you a marketing strategy for the sale of the land. A marketing pack is prepared for the site and bids invited from house builders. Ocasionally It may be necessary to undertake further investigations to make sure the we get the best possible offer for your land. For example ground remediation costs associated with contaminated land.

After the initial bid stage, a shortlist of 2-3 companies will be made and 'best and final' bids will be invited. From this, a final preferred bidder would be selected to purchase the site. Members of the New Hall team have worked for national house builders and so have a good understanding of their acquisition requirements.